Dog Policy


We would ask that the following important points are noted and adhered to at all times to ensure the continued success for all club members.  Club staff and committee members will continue to assist and monitor accordingly, and this policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Designated Areas for dogs (during licensed/opening hours only) - 

      o   Outside: Garden

      o   Inside: Chapel room only – entering through the main door only. 

      o   Dogs are not permitted through the lounge and bar area.


Dogs are also allowed on the Pontoon, but the below points must be adhered to.
No dogs will be permitted when events are scheduled in the Chapel Area.  (Please refer to events on the MYC Website and Facebook –        these will also be emailed out on a regular basis.
It is vitally important that dog owners ensure their dogs are well behaved at all times whilst on club premises. If for whatever reasons your dog is causing problems, it would be expected you take the dog off the premises immediately. Staff reserve the right the right to ask you to leave the premises.
All dogs must always be on a ‘short length’ lead whilst on club premises and with their owners at all times (long expandable leads are not suitable inside/outside)
Please try and ensure your dog doesn’t wander towards other occupied tables/chairs or wonder off unaccompanied; respect others around you who may not be pet owners
Please ensure any ‘muddy’ dogs are cleaned before coming onto the premises; this will minimise the amount of cleaning that staff will need to attend to
Please ensure your dog does not sit on any inside or outside furniture
Any cost or expense incurred by the club due to any incidents or damage that may arise will be charged to the owner of the dog accordingly
MYC cannot be responsible for any injury or theft of your dog whilst on club premises
Water bowls will be provided both inside/outside, if at any time you see them empty, please ask a member of staff to refill
Fouling must be attended immediately (if such an unfortunate event should happen, please ask a member of staff for antibacterial spray)


 MYC Dog Policy Rev 2                                                Nov 2023                                                     Review – Nov 2024

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